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Coronavirus Crisis

Medication Delivery Services

We regret that the Dunvegan Medical Practice are unable to offer a medication delivery service at this present time, however, several communities in the local area are kindly pulling together to offer collection and delivery services for medication etc. and their contact details are listed below.

Please bear in mind that these services are run entirely by volunteers who are putting themselves at some risk and inconvenience - please be considerate.

If you are part of relief efforts in your own area and would like your details included on this page, or indeed if you would like your details removed or amended for any reason, please contact the Practice - thank you. 

Dunvegan Community Council Area

(Dunvegan Village, Harlosh, Vatten, Roag & Feorlig, etc)

A team of Community Council members are working in this area to provide a collection & delivery service including medication from the surgery for those patients self isolating who are unable to get friends or family to collect on their behalf. Contact Donna Campbell on 01470 521732 before 12 noon

Waternish Area

There is already a robust network of small groups in place in this area who are helping each other through this difficult time, however if you live on Waternish and have no-one to help you with medication deliveries while you are currently self-isolating you can contact Lucy Montgomery on 01470 592793 / for advice and assistance.

Edinbane Area 

Edinbane and the surrounding area have an established core of volunteers who are already promoting a service to help those most in need with collection and delivery of essential medication etc. If you reside in the Edinbane, Flashader, Greshornish, etc area and currently have no-one to help you while self isolating you can contact

Isabel Rapson on 01470 582482 any day before noon. You may leave a message if there is no immediate reply

Glendale Area

We are not currently aware of any co-ordinated volunteer group in the Glendale area but would be delighted to include any details on this page.

Dr Tony Livesey in Glasphein has very kindly offered his services to help any self isolating patients with collection and deliveries when he is able and he may be contacted on 07954 563848

General Dunvegan Area

There is a group of community volunteers located around the Dunvegan area who are willing to help those in need during this most difficult of times. Do you need food or supplies, or just a chat ?

Call or text 0754 719 5188


Other groups and individuals have made informal offers of help to the surgery and we will be adding their details to this page as we receive confirmation of their specific arrangements and contact details

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