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Together with NHS Highland we are currently running a trial of 'GP Near Me' a video consultation system which, where appropriate, allows patients to consult remotely with their GP, face to face by video-link using any video camera & microphone equipped PC, tablet or smartphone via the Chrome or Safari web browser software. 
Once fully in place this system will be available to all patients. In the mean-time we intend to approach patients who we feel might be suitable to help with our trial of GP Near Me to offer them the chance of a video link appointment
If we approach you and you are happy to help, then please follow the instructions below.
Please note that only calls from patients with pre-booked GP Near Me appointments will be answered in the Waiting Area. Please do not enter the Virtual Waiting Area without having first booked your GP Near Me appointment in the usual way via our Reception team.
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to Attend Your


Video Consultation

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